I do not have any puppies available at this time, I have retired. See below...

After 19 years here at WhiteSage Dobermans, I am RETIRING. I have had a blast raising puppies and finding great families. But it’s time to move on. My husband is retiring from work and I am beginning to have some health problems. It’s truly a bittersweet time for me. I have LOVED my job, the babies and I’ll always be here for you. You were my life for a very long time. Enjoy your puppies and ,now, dogs.. I will never forget you...



Savannah is the newest addition to our Doberman family: She brings an upgrade to our line as her Great-Grandfather was World Champion: Maxim Di Altobello. Savannah has 7 other International Champions in her last 3 generations! Please go to Savannah's page to see some great pictures of her.


Nikita produces 1/2 American line and 1/2 European line puppies. She produces big, well-rounded puppies with medium energy and medium drive, which is good for families. Nikita is an experienced Mom who really enjoys  "motherhood".


Savannah is Full European line from Serbia. She has a great bubbly personality with lots of energy and focus. She loves to play "fetch" with my husband and is very good about 'giving up the ball'. Both Nikita and Savannah love the water, even though Dobermans aren't usually 'water dogs'. Check out their Pages under "Our Females"- "Nikita" and "Savannah".

A Little Bit About Us...
Welcome to
WhiteSage Dobermans.
We have now Upgraded our line. Amaya and Nikita  are direct descendents of  Altobello's Yugoslavian Grand Champion Elisir Dax di Altobello! And Savannah is a direct descendent of Altobello's World Champion Maxim Di Altobello, all of whom are from Serbia (Yugoslavia). Take a look at them on their web pages (Our Females/Amaya/ Nikita/ or Savannah ).

     We are Jeff and Rhonda Lawrence and live in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We breed healthy, beautiful Doberman Pinschers. We have two to three litters in our home per year. Our Dobermans are our family dogs that we breed occasionally.
Our Yugoslavian (Serbian) Grand Champion line is a performing, working dog line with great emotional stability, courage and intelligence.  We pride ourselves on producing dogs with excellent pedigree, temperament and working ability. All three of our Dobermans, Amaya, Nikita and Savannah bring a wonderfully rich pedigree and have a 'people oriented' personalities. All of our dogs are screened and are Von Willibrands clear. Each puppy comes with two health guarantees.

People always ask me, "What is the difference between American Line Dobermans and the European Line Dobermans." Most American line breeders portray the European dogs as vicious and untrustworthy, while the European line breeders portray the American Line as 'trash'. I am in the middle. I see the advantages of both worlds. I like the emotional stability of the European dogs and the 'wanting to please' attitude of the American line dogs. I find breeding dogs who are
1/2 European line and 1/2 American line- a great mix. I have picked Savannah, though full European very carefully. Both are bread to Houston, who is 1/2 American and 1/2 European line. His babies come out with great even keel personalities. Please see Houston under "Houston, We Have a Problem".  
Call me to ask for some examples of our stable personality puppies...

We are so lucky to live here in the beautiful state of  Colorado. I have included some pictures of the majestic beauty that surrounds our family in the picture slideshow above. We take our Dobermans (and their puppies) with us everywhere we go. I have taken puppies as young as 2 weeks old with us camping. (Of course they were not allowed out of the camper, but the other girls enjoyed the scenery and playing in the water).  Whether you are interested in specialized training, home protection, or simply adding a loving canine member to your family, please explore our website to see if we have your new Doberman puppy.


Deposits are $500.


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