How to Tape Ears...

Many people ask me about cropping ears. I know ear cropping is starting to phase out of favor, but most Doberman breeders feel strongly about keeping ear croppings available.


In my experience, by the time the puppy comes home from the doctor's office, it is fully awake and running around. It is not feeling sickly, doesn't seem to have a headache, eats its dinner fully and acts completely normally. In fact, it acts so normal that I have to separate it from the rest of the litter, because it runs around banging its head, falling on its ears, letting the other litter-mates chew on the bandages like nothing has happened. I have several doctors that I can recommend for the ear surgery. 


For those of you who are concerned about how complicated the taping process is here is a short Ear Taping 101 class for you:


Materials Needed:

1/2 inch gray foam window insulation (comes in a big coil)

Cotton gauze tape

small sharp scissors


Cut and hang different size pieces of tape 'hanging' them on the side of the table that you are going to put the puppy on. Measure and cut the foam to match the ear length. Make sure you push the foam way down in the ear bell to measure properly. Wrap the foam with the tape backwards-sticky side OUT in a candy-cane fashion, then stick it to the inside of the ear again. Take the cut tape pieces and wrap them around the ear starting at the bottom. Make sure the first tape is well down the bell right above the head. Continue up the ear with smaller and smaller pieces. Squeeze the ear periodically to make sure as much tape comes into contact with the ear as possible. Do the other ear. Finish by make a long figure 8 shaped tape between the ears to 'hold the ears up' at 12:00 sharp. Start by going around the front of one ear, then around the back of that ear, go to the front of the other ear, then in back of the second ear, and back to where you started on the first ear. Take a short 1 1/2 inch piece of tape and put it over the place where the tapes meet over the head to make it look nice. That's all to it. To remove be VERY careful cutting the tapes off the ear.


Pictures to accompany the ear taping process- coming soon...